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Show Bucharest Metro (Subway) on a map of Bucharest
Show Bucharest Metro (Subway) on a map of Bucharest

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Bucharest Metro (Subway)

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Bucharest Metro (Subway)
Bucharest Metro (Subway)
Bucharest Metro (Subway)
Bucharest Metro (Subway)

Bucharest Metro is the most efficient and cheapest way to get around the city. There are 4 subway lines that runs throughout the city. The subway runs everyday between aproximately 05.00 - 23.00. The most frequently used line is M2 stopping at Piata Victoriei, Piata Romana, Piata Universitatii and Piata Unirii. These are the metro stops that covers the city center.

Bucharest Metro SignThe subway entrances are indicated by a white sign with a blue "M" inside. The subway cards can be purchased inside the subway stops from ticket booths or automatic vending machines (where available). Cards are available for: 2 trips (price 5 lei), 10 trips (price 20 lei), 1 day pass (price 8 lei) or 1 month with unlimited trips (price 70 lei).

- The metro tickets are valid for the entire metro system and there is no time limit for a single journey.
- The metro tickets cannot be used for buses, trolleys, express buses, etc or viceversa.
- You cannot reenter the subway once you left the station.

How to know the direction where the train is going

In front of the train, on the electronic panel above the windshield, you will see the name of the terminus station for that direction. For example, if you are in Piata Unirii and you would like to travel to Piata Universitatii, you will need to travel 1 stop in the direction of Pipera using M2 Line. M2 line is showed on the map as M2 Berceni - Pipera (those names meaning the terminus stations for the M2 line).

Inside the modern trains you will notice an lcd panel that will show you in romanian and english the name of the next stop, if the stop is on the left or the right side and the connections you have with buses and trams. There is also an announcement in romanian with the name of the next stop.

In each station you will see lcd panels showing the exact time when the next train will come. For more information you can visit www.metrorex.ro

Photo Source - www.metrorex.ro

(The information on this page is valid as of 01 July 2015)


Website: http://www.metrorex.ro
Opening Hours: 05.00 - 23.00
Ticket Price: 2 trips (5 lei) , 10 trips (20 lei), 1 day (8 lei) or 1 month (70 lei)

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