Arrive by car in Bucharest

Arrive by car in Bucharest

If you would like to visit Bucharest or any other romanian city, traveling by car can be a good option.

Before arriving in Romania with your car please be advised that there is a road tax/vignette named Rovinieta in romanian. This road tax is mandatory as soon as you enter Romania, no matter the road type you are driving.

The vignette is electronic, there is no sticker to put on your windshield and you can purchase it from any gas stations or border crossings. There are also several websites that sell this vignette.

The prices for a passenger car are:
- 7 days = 13.33 lei (3 eur)
- 30 days = 31.1 lei (7 eur)
- 90 days = 57.77 lei (13 eur)
- 12 months = 124.42 lei (28 eur)

The prices are in EUR and they are converted for your convenience based on the exchange rate of RON/EUR therefore they might not reflect the exact official price in lei.

The speed limits vary from road to road, but generally they are: 50 km in the city, 90 km outside city limits, 130 km on highway. Please pay attention to speed limit signs.

Driving in Bucharest

Driving in Bucharest might test your skills. Please remember that the traffic laws are very strict and if you follow these rules you will avoid any trouble:
- Wearing a seat belt is mandatory for you and the passengers.
- Children up to 135 cm in height must use a child seat.
- There is absolutely no tolerance for driving under the influence of alcohol.
- Generally, the maximum speed in Bucharest is 50 km/hour. Sometimes, wider roads might have a limit of 60 km/hour. Please pay attention because the road signs are missing or unclear.
- Be extra careful to crosswalks. Sometimes these crosswalks are poorly marked or hidden by cars and you might easily miss them.