Henri Coanda Express Train

Henri Coanda Express Train
Henri Coanda Express Train
Henri Coanda Express Train

This is a combined line (train and minibus) that makes the connection between Henri Coanda International Airport and Bucharest North Train Station (Gara de Nord).

The train doesn't stop exactly at the airport (there is no train station at the airport), but at a nearby train stop called “P.O. Aeroport H”. From there you will be taken by a minibus to the airport. P.O. Aeroport H is not the terminus point of the train line.

When you travel from the airport to the train stop, the minibus stop is located in front of the exit from the International Arrivals Terminal.

This service runs everyday from 06.20 to 22.10 and the trip usually takes about 50 minutes - 1 hour.


The ticket is valid for both train and minibuses, and costs around 6.8 lei (1.5 euros)

When you travel from Henri Coanda International Airport to Bucharest North Train Station you can buy the ticket from the ticket desk inside the International Arrivals Terminal.

When you travel from Bucharest North Train Station to the airport, you can buy the tickets from the ticket offices inside the train station.

For more information about the train timetable, you can visit: www.cfrcalatori.ro. Remember when you perform a search for a train, that the name of the stations are: Bucuresti Nord (for Bucharest North Train Station) and P.O. Aeroport H (for the airport).

Bucharest North Train Station is the end of the train line and from there you have connections with the Metro (Lines: M1, M4), buses, taxis, etc.

Note: This service can be cancelled or modified anytime.