Transfer by taxi between the airport and Bucharest

Transfer by taxi between the airport and Bucharest

At the airport, inside the arrivals terminal, there is a touch screen device , which you can use to order a taxi. You can even choose the company you want to use (the tariff is displayed for each taxi company). The device will print a ticket with your order. Show this ticket to the driver and keep it with you in case you will need it to make a complaint.

The pick-up area is right near the exit from International Arrivals Terminal and you can wait your taxi there. Please note, that the taxi is not allowed to wait more that 5-7 minutes.

All the taxis are yellow, they have a meter and the "Taxi" sign above and the operation license and the tariffs on the doors, outside. The tariff per kilometer is between 1.39 lei/km - 3.5 lei/km and there is an initial charge that equals the price of one kilometer.

The taxi fare between the airport and Bucharest should not be more than 50-60 lei (11 - 14 Euros) using the lowest tariff.

Our recommendation is to only use certified taxis and to ask the driver details about the tariff before. Make sure the meter is turned on when the car leaves.

When in Bucharest, avoid as much as possible the taxis in the area of Bucharest North Train Station, most of them will rip you off. Do not accept any offers from private persons.